Why BellaNutri®

Why BellaNutri®

Traditionally, our society has been succumb by an overwhelming amount of topical, ‘quick-fix’ temporary products which may play a role, however, the true science of skin and hair manifest from within. The concept of ‘you are what you eat’ is very true. However, the typical daily diet and multi-vitamins are simply not enough for the enhancement of hair and skin. After several years of research and evaluation of natural ingredients by dermatologist, Melanye Maclin, M.D., BellaNutri® supplement for women results are outstanding for hair, skin and nails.

About BellaNutri®

Bella Nutri® supplement is a safe, natural system to nourish the skin and hair from the inside out. The dietary nutritional supplement is a capsule that is specially formulated with an all- natural marine protein based proprietary blend in addition to a unique collagen. BellaNutri enhances hair follicles and skin from within by providing specific nutrition through Dr. Maclin’s unique ‘Internal Follicle and Skin System (IFSS)’. This approach allows greater penetration for true results as early as one month and sustainable results with consistent use without any dangerous side effects from medications.

Bella Nutri® supplement promotes exquisitely radiant, soft, smooth, youthful, more beautiful healthier skin and stronger, longer, thicker, more lustrous healthier hair. Realize the importance of providing your body with internal nourishment with this unique nutritional supplement that can help to promote and enhance the beauty and health of your hair and skin from within.

BellaNutri® Benefits


Longer Faster Growth
Decrease Shedding/Breakage
Improves Softness/Shine
Thicker in Thin/Bald Areas
Alopecia (non-scarring)
Reduce Gray Hair


Anti-Aging of Fine Lines/Wrinkles Smoother Softer Texture
Reduce Large pores
Acne Scars
Stretch Marks
Under Eye Dark circles


Faster longer growth
Reduce splitting
Healthier appearance

Frequently Asked Questions

How was BellaNutri supplement developed?
BellaNutri was successfully created by Dermatologist, Dr. Melanye Maclin, after several years of thoroughly evaluating unique natural ingredients that will help improve the internal health and beauty of hair and skin. The most effective ingredients have now been incorporated into one capsule.
Who can take BellaNutri supplement?
Women of all nationalities with various hair and skin types desiring healthy, more beautiful hair and skin can take BellaNutri who not allergic to fish, shellfish, or poultry. Please check with your physician prior to taking if you have medical problems or are taking medications. Not recommended for children under the age of 12 or pregnant/nursing mothers.
Is BellaNutri supplement safe to take?
Yes, BellaNutri is safe to take. BellaNutri is made of all-natural ingredients and does not contain any drugs, chemicals or hormones. BellaNutri is manufactured in an FDA approved laboratory and meets FDA requirements to be sold in U.S. It can be taken with other vitamins, nutritional supplements and medications. Always check with your physician before taking any supplement if taking medications or have a health related condition or illness.
How should the BellaNutri supplement be taken?
Two capsules per day (1 in the morning and 1 at bedtime). For an extra boost, one additional capsule can be taken. Three capsules per day (1 in morning and 2 at bedtime) are needed in persons who are over 170 lbs., smoke or over the age of 60 due to slower metabolism. For slow-responders, after two -three months, increase daily dose by one capsule.
How long should I take BellaNutri?
BellaNutri should be taken for at least 6 months faithfully to get nutrition correctly in the system to best benefit hair and skin. However, for optimal results, BellaNutri should be taken daily as part of an ongoing nutritional regime for enhancing the beauty and health of hair and skin for a lifetime.
When and what kind of skin results will I see?
The evidence of increased skin moisture, smoothness and suppleness with a decrease in dryness of skin can be noticed as early as 2 weeks of use, promoting more radiant and soft skin. Usually within the first 6- 8 weeks, one will notice an overall improvement in fine lines and wrinkles on facial skin. Particularly dry areas such as elbows, knees and cuticles will be less dry and cracked. With unique collagen content in BellaNutri, one may even notice an increase in elasticity around the eyes providing a more youthful, wide-eyed appearance. With continued use, the skin constantly improves making it more beautiful in appearance and feel.
When and what kind of hair results will I see?
BellaNutri first works internally by nourishing and stimulating the hair roots preparing the hair to start growing faster, stronger, thicker in thin areas and overall healthier. As soon as you start the supplement, your hair follicles are receiving the nutrition from the vast blood supply that surrounds them. Results can be seen as early as the first month with a decrease in hair shedding. As the months continue, you will see more results.
What types of hair conditions will BellaNutri work for?
Even if someone has already healthy hair, BellaNutri is essential for the daily nourishment of hair roots for healthy growth, beauty and anti-aging of the hair. In other conditions such as hair shedding, hair breakage from over-processed hair (chemicals-dyes, perms, relaxers), dryness, and hereditary thinning as long as the hair follicles are not scarred from trauma, surgery, radiation or chronic infections.
Will I Also See Nail Benefits?
The nails are also a nicely added benefit because they too are made of the keratin protein like the hair and skin. They are usually the earliest to show results. Usually within the first 2 weeks, one will notice faster growing, longer and stronger nails. The nail cuticles will be less dry and cracked.
If I Stop Taking BellaNutri Supplement Will My Hair Fall Out or Skin Change Back?
No, your hair will not fall out if you stop taking the supplement, but you will lose the ongoing nutritional value to your hair. The skin will not continue to receive the added moisture value and anti-aging benefits. BellaNutri@ optimal benefits are best seen when used a part of an ongoing beauty and health regime for your hair and skin.
Are There Any Limitations of Hairstyles or Care of My Hair?
You may wear any type of hairstyle desired. Please avoid tension to hair roots (tight braids or ponytails). If have existing hair thinning, please avoid all chemical relaxers (Lye, No-lye or texturizers). Continue to wash and condition hair weekly to reduce risk of bacteria, yeast or product buildup. Weaves or wigs are okay too but avoid glue which has been shown to imitate the scalp.