"BellaNutri® supplement is an innovative nutritional dimension into the beauty and anti-aging of skin and hair for women. Outer beauty is a reflection of an inner you. True beauty begins within”.™ - Dr. Maclin

Why BellaNutri®

Traditionally, our society has been succumb by an overwhelming amount of topical, ‘quick-fix’ temporary products which may play a role, however, the true science of skin and hair manifest from within. The concept of ‘you are what you eat’, is very true. However, the typical daily diet and multi-vitamins are simply not enough for the enhancement of hair and skin. After several years of research and evaluation of natural ingredients by dermatologist, Melanye Maclin, M.D., BellaNutri® supplement for women has been successfully launched! The results are outstanding for hair and skin even nails.

About BellaNutri®

BellaNutri® supplement is a safe, natural system to nourish the skin and hair from the inside out. The dietary nutritional supplement is a capsule that is specially formulated with an all-natural marine protein based proprietary blend in addition to a unique collagen. BellaNutri® enhances hair follicles and skin from within by providing specific nutrition through Dr. Maclin’s unique ‘Internal Follicle and Skin System (IFSS)’. This approach allows greater penetration for true results as early as one month and sustainable results with consistent use without any dangerous side effects from medications.

BellaNutri® supplement promotes exquisitely radiant, soft, smooth, youthful, more beautiful healthier skin and stronger, longer, thicker, more lustrous healthier hair. Realize the importance of providing your body with internal nourishment with this unique nutritional supplement that can help to promote and enhance the beauty and health of your hair and skin from within.

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How BellaNutri® should be taken


  • 2 capsules per day (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening). For an extra boost, 1 additional capsule can be taken.
  • 3 capsules per day (1 in the morning and 2 at bedtime) if over 170 lbs., smoke or over the age of 60. (These factors slow the metabolism thus need more of nutrition for better results).

  • designed for the daily internal specific nourishment of hair follicles and skin of all types.
  • Must stay consistent for at least 6 months to get maximum stimulation and health of hair and skin.
  • Results can be seen as early as 1 month but can take up to 6 months.
  • Optimal results are achieved when taken as part of a daily health and beauty regime for your hair and skin for more enhanced and sustainable benefits. Continue proper external care of hair and skin.
  • WARNING: If allergic to fish, shellfish, or poultry, you should not take BellaNutri®. For those persons with medical illness and/or taking any medications, please consult with your physician prior to taking any nutritional supplements. If pregnant or nursing, start BellaNutri® once delivered or after nursing. Not recommended for children under the age of 12. Do not exceed recommended dosage.

    BENEFITS OF BellaNutri®

      Hair Benefits:
    • Decreases daily hair shedding
    • Faster hair growth stimulating longer hair
    • Increases hair strength reducing daily hair breakage
    • Improves softness and sheen of hair texture
    • Increases thickness in thin/bald areas
      Skin Benefits:
    • Anti-aging: decrease in appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Decrease in appearance of large pores, acne, scars and stretch marks, undereye dark circles
    • Improves the softness and smoothness of skin texture
    • Increases tone and youthful appearance, especially around eye area
      Nail Benefits:
    • Improves the strength of nails reducing splitting, chipping and cracking allowing nails
    • Improve the moisture of nail cuticles reducing hangnails and dryness
    • stimulate a faster, longer, healthier growth of nails naturally

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How was BellaNutri® supplement developed?
    BellaNutri® was successfully created by dermatologist, Dr. Melanye Maclin, after several years of thoroughly evaluating unique natural ingredients that will help improve the internal health and beauty of hair and skin. The most effective ingredients have now been incorporated into one capsule.

    Who can take BellaNutri® supplement? Women of all nationalities with various hair and skin types desiring healthy, more beautiful hair and skin can take BellaNutri® who not allergic to fish, shellfish, or poultry. Please check with your physician prior to taking if you have medical problems or are taking medications. Not recommended for children under the age of 12 or pregnant/nursing mothers.

    Is BellaNutri® supplement safe to take?
    Yes, BellaNutri® is safe to take. BellaNutri® is made of all-natural ingredients and does not contain any drugs, chemicals or hormones. BellaNutri® is manufactured in an FDA approved laboratory and meets FDA requirements to be sold in U.S. It can be taken with other vitamins, nutritional supplements and medications. Always check with your physician before taking any supplement if taking medications or have a health related condition or illness.

    How should the BellaNutri® supplement be taken?
    2 capsules per day (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening). For an extra boost, 1 additional capsule can be taken. 3 capsules per day (1 in morning and 2 at bedtime) are needed in persons who are over 170 lbs., smoke or over the age of 60 due to slower metabolism. For slow-responders, after 2-3 months, increase daily dose by 1 capsule.

    How long should I take BellaNutri®?
    BellaNutri® should be taken for at least 6 months faithfully to get nutrition correctly in the system to best benefit hair and skin. However, for optimal results, BellaNutri® should be taken daily as part of an ongoing nutritional regime for enhancing the beauty and health of hair and skin for a lifetime.

    When and what kind of skin results will I see?
    The evidence of increased skin moisture, smoothness and suppleness with a decrease in dryness of skin can be noticed as early as 2 weeks of use, promoting more radiant and soft skin. Usually within the first 6-8 weeks, one will notice an overall improvement in fine lines and wrinkles on facial skin. Particularly dry areas such as elbows, knees and cuticles will be less dry and cracked. With a unique collegen content in BellaNutri®, one may even notice an increase in elasticity around the eyes providing a more youthful, wide-eyed appearance. With continued use, the skin constantly improves making it more beautiful in appearance and feel.

    When and what kind of hair results will I see?
    BellaNutri® first works internally by nourishing and stimulating the hair roots preparing the hair to start growing faster, stronger, thicker in thin areas and overall healthier. As soon as you start the supplement, your hair follicles are receiving the nutrition from the vast blood supply that surrounds them. Results can be seen as early as the first month with a decrease in hair shedding. As the months continue, you will see more results.

    What types of hair conditions will BellaNutri® work for?
    Even if someone has already healthy hair, BellaNutri® is essential for the daily nourishment of hair roots for healthy growth, beauty and anti-aging of the hair. In other conditions such as hair shedding, hair breakage from over-processed hair (chemicals-dyes, perms, relaxers), dryness, and hereditary thinning as long as the hair follicles are not scarred from trauma, surgery, radiation or chronic infections.

    Will I also see nail benefits?
    The nails are also a nicely added benefit because they too are made of the keratin protein like the hair and skin. They are usually the earliest to show results. Usually within the first 2 weeks, one will notice faster growing, longer and stronger nails. The nail cuticles will be less dry and cracked.

    If I stop taking the supplement, will my hair fall out or skin change back?
    No, your hair will not fall out if you stop taking the supplement, but you will lose the ongoing nutritional value to your hair. The skin will not continue to receive the added moisture value and anti-aging benefits. BellaNutri® optimal benefits are best seen when used a part of an ongoing beauty and health regime for your hair and skin.

    Are there any limitations of hairstyles or care of my hair?
    You may wear any type of hairstyle desired. Please avoid tension to hair roots (tight braids or ponytails). If have existing hair thinning, please avoid all chemical relaxers (no-lye,lye, or texturizers). Continue to wash and condition hair weekly to reduce risk of bacteria, yeast or product buildup. Weaves or wigs are okay too but avoid glue which can irritate scalp.

    BellaNutri® Success Stories….

    “I now know the importance of certain inner nutrients for more beautiful, healthier hair and skin. Exclusive beauty begins within with BellaNutri®.”

    R&B Platinum recording artist, Chantay Savage

    “After spending years over 5 years researching and taking the hair supplement with marine protein, I realized the great benefits with hair texture, growth and strength. With BellaNutri®, I have not only just added the active marine protein but other unique, most advanced nutrients for further improving hair as well as skin into one beauty supplement. My skin stays looking radiant and clear and feeling extremely soft. My hair texture, softness and health is out of sight. I can honestly say, over these years, I have finally discovered a way for more youthful, radiant skin and even better, longer, healthier hair from within. I love this new formulation and you will too! Outer beauty is a reflection of an inner you. True beauty begins within.” (Dr.Maclin, 36, creator of BellaNutri®)

    “Exercise and nutrition, like BellaNutri®, are essential parts of inner and outer beauty. They are also important for my sport of boxing.” (“Raging Beauty Isra Girgrah”, 5 time World Champion Boxer,as “BellaNutri® Boxing Beauty”)

    “BellaNutri® really works!” (Marilyn Bell, Editor-at-large of BE/Black Elegance magazine)

    “Dr. Maclin’s editorials are very informative and her products are outstanding” (Adrienne Moore, Editor-in-Chief of HYPE Hair, Braids & Beauty and Todays Black Woman)

    “Definitely my hair texture has greatly improved with a noticeably decrease in gray hair. My hair growth is three times faster with about one inch a month. My skin texture is so much more smooth and ‘peach-like’ with the wrinkles and scars almost disappeared. The results with my hair are much better than with the other marine protein product and not to mention the greatly added youthful skin benefits. I have found a new face-lift in a capsule with BellaNutri®” (Dr. Marilyn W., Chicago, IL, 70s)

    Hello Dr. Maclin, first of all, I want to wish you and your family and the staff a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Just wanted to drop a few lines to thank you again for your wonderful product, “BellaNutri®”. It has done wonders for my hair and skin. I really enjoy the results. Sometimes I look forward for the next day to take my dose again. “BellaNutri®” is really a blessing. The whole world should know about “BellaNutri®”! Well at least all the women!! Thanks for being patient with me during my trails with my hair. I’ve never met you but you are truly a JEWEL! Again, THANKS…words can not express how much. (A client forever, Doris. F, 40s Texas)

    “As I have continued to take BellaNutri®, there was a big difference in my skin firmness and softness. Within two months, my thin temples along my hairline were filling in and by the way, my natural nails are longer, stronger and gorgeous! This will be my ongoing beauty in a box!” (Mattie W., 60s, North Carolina)

    “With BellaNutri®, my skin was less dry than usual. My hair grew at a much faster rate within a month. Also, my nails were stronger and not breaking as much. Thanks, Dr. Maclin for introducing me to this great hair and skin supplement.” (Jennifer C., 30s, Washington, DC)

    “I have always believed in “you are what you eat”. There was an extremely noticeable softness and radiance of my skin within the first two weeks. Even though my skin is normally problem-free, there was a decrease in dryness and a decrease in the appearance of my stretch marks from pregnancy. Lastly, my hair texture has greatly improved. My hair has become very full with more luster and well over ½ inch of new hair growth each month. BellaNutri® will definitely be my daily hair and skin vitamin for life!” (Chandra J, 42, Georgia)

    “My hair had been severely broken off to almost nothing in the back of my head due to a wool scarf this past winter. None of the hair oils or hair vitamins were helping. Within 4 weeks of taking BellaNutri®, I had a lot of new hair growth. Overall, my entire head of hair was softer, longer, shinier and more full. Also, for many years, I have had so many ugly stretch marks on my arms from the years of being on Prednisone. Now, they are almost not even noticeable. The puffiness and dark circles under my eyes also look much better making me look 10 years younger.” (Rosetta W., 60, Illinois)

    “I never really like taking supplements, however, I was determined to get my hair back in better condition. After a friend told me about taking hair vitamins instead of using topical products only, I did a lot of research for one that I could trust and would work. I discovered Dr. Maclin through HYPE hair magazine. She initially encouraged me to start with anther product, Viviscal, which I saw some hair changes but it wasn’t until she started me on her own new improved BellaNutri® hair and skin supplement that I was even more impressed! After, being on the supplement for two months, I could not believe how the health and growth of my hair had changed and my skin was beautiful. I now realize how the right supplement can really change me from within. Dr. Maclin also helped answer any hair or skin questions that I had along the way. What a great product and great service!” (Gina J., 27, California)

    “After being on other products that Dr. Maclin promoted for years that worked for my hair, her new product is even more fabulous for hair plus skin and nail benefits. As one of her long time customers, I will have ongoing faith in the products that she produces.” (Sandra M., 40, Missouri)

    Dr. Maclin, the products have been a blessing for me! I pray that other women will see the miracle results as well. Thank you. (Cynthia B., Arkansas)

    Dear Dr. Maclin, Everything seems to be going good with BellaNutri®. Please send me 3 more boxes as soon as possible. I am near my last couple of weeks from my last order. I would like to receive them before I run out. I have noticed that my hair has stopped breaking and is easier to comb and growth going very well. (Yanae H., 30’s, Illinois)

    Dr. Maclin, so far, I have used BellaNutri® for 3 weeks and I can tell a difference in my skin and nails. As of yet, I can’t tell whether there has been an improvement with my hair yet except decreased shedding. I love your product and will continue to use it. In your article, you stated that a person should use your product for at least 6 to 8 months for full benefits. I intend to do so. Thank you Dr. Maclin (Vessie W., Virginia)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This will be my third order of BellaNutri® and I continue to order! My hair has grown at least 3 inches, and I have noticed that my skin looks great, especially my face. There is no breakage in my hair and in certain areas my hair is thickening. Thank you doctor and staff. God bless you all. Love you. (Johnnie A., Michigan)

    I just finished my 6 month supply of BellaNutri® and I would like to order another 3 months. I have noticed the increase of my nails and thickness of my hair. It still is breaking so maybe you could advise me. I am ,sure as I continue to take the full course I will get the fullest result. I do love long hair and I am now growing it natural. At the moment it is shoulder length. I will keep you informed of the changes. I am on my last packet and hope to get order as soon as possible to not skip any days of feeding my hair roots. Many thanks in advance, (Doris. R, 40’s, London)

    Dear Dr. Melanye, thanks a million for the BellaNutri®. I think I have been taking it for one year now. It is holding down the gray, as you promised, my hair is more manageable and much thicker and healthy looking. It’s time for more! (Elaine C., 60’s, North Carolina)